Happy (Belated) 40th Anniversay, Star Trek

Star Trek’s fortieth anniversary was a few months ago, in September. Why am I bringing this up now? Because one, Star Trek is always relevant, and two, I didn’t have this blog then.

One of the many reasons I like Star Trek is its devotion to and portrayal of science. It shows a future where people’s knowledge and education earn them respect, a future where an emphasis on science has helped our society to prosper.

Many fans made images and trailers to commemorate the occasion—it is amazing what amateur fans can do with technology these days. But one, in particular, stood out for me. As reported on Slice of Scifi, a fan named Christopher Roberts put together a rather remarkable video. The blogger, Sam, writes

I have viewed several tributes to the legendary series’ of Star Trek over the last year as the franchise prepares this month for its unprecendented 40th Anniversary. Some of those tributes have been done by professional studios, but most were created by fans.

I have run across one such video tribute presentation made by a fan named Christopher Roberts, and it is the most moving, touching, and brillant piece of work I have had the pleasure of watching.

(continue reading at Slice of Scifi)

Below is the seven-minute clip on YouTube. If you have a broadband connection to the Internet, consider downloading the high-resolution version (57.8-megabyte). It’s beautiful.

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