Top Space News Story of 2006 has selected its top ten space stories of this past year is asking readers to rate them. Topics include Pluto’s planetary reclassification, plans for humans to return to the moon, and so on. Stop by and vote!

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  1. let’s try this one… you might have to switch your broswer to unicode. =)

    repost, with translations in parens.
    羨慕 (envy). yes, envy. by the sounds of it, trypika is off in asia, including the motherland. and an ex of mine is about to go off to do an away rotation at 臺大醫院 (national taiwan university hospital). i think i have a right to be a little jealous, right? i wish i could run off to 台灣 (taiwan)… but that’ll have to wait until spring, when i have a 2 week block of vacation scheduled.

    the girl and i had a discussion last night, on our way back from the airport. tip for those of you who may be traveling out to the bay area – don’t fly into oakland. the airport there sucks in terms of land traffic routing. granted, it was christmas weekend and i’m sure lots of people were flying in, but still, the sheer volume of traffic was ridiculous last night. back on topic, we were discussing new york and big cities. she’s in love with new york and wants to move out there, ideally for med school and presumably for residency. i, on the other hand, have never understood the appeal of the city… though to be fair, i haven’t been there to visit since i was in high school. or maybe earlier. and while i tell myself that i would love to live in the hustle and bustle of 台北 (taipei) and be able to lose myself in the 人海 (literally “people sea”, figuratively the mass of people who populate the city), i don’t feel the same way about new york. maybe it’s because i only have a few friends there, leftovers of my loveboat crew, and no blood ties. in 台北 (taipei), i also have a few friends but i also have blood ties, which i’ve come to value more and more as i get older. blood can be thicker than water, though sometimes the water becomes viscous enough that it rivals blood (as in the case of some of my really close friends, whom i consider family).

    so yeah. anyway, i can’t see myself moving out east – the east coast has never appealed to me, and if i don’t end up settling in california, i’ll probably either be in chicago, seattle or in 台北 (taipei). that last choice remains a sticking point. i’ve never truly lived there, only visited, so i don’t even know if i could hack it back in the motherland. but i’m willing to try. the question is how to go about doing it. ideally, if i could go back in time, i would’ve taken a year or two off before residency to go back… and use that time not only to get a feel for life in 台北 (taipei), but also learn acupuncture. it’ll be harder to realize that dream now, but i still want to try, assuming that real life doesn’t interfere.

    so in a roundabout way, i’ve come around to dreams. now that christmas holds no religious meaning for me, i’m a little bit at a loss as to what christmas should mean. birthdays are a celebration of life and wisdom and the traditional chinese festivals have their own meanings. thanksgiving for me is about cherishing family and friends. and christmas… i don’t believe in santa claus anymore either, but i suppose christmas could be about the magic of dreams and wishes. though without snow, it still doesn’t feel like christmas. merry christmas, everyone. and 祝你們美夢成真 (may your dreams come true).

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