Potential Smoking Ban in Europe

No smoking symbol
Source: Wikipedia, created by Adalbertus.

New Scientist reported today:

The European Union’s health chief is to seek a “comprehensive ban” on smoking in public places across the group’s 27 countries, he announced on Tuesday.…All 27 EU governments, non-governmental organisations, consumers and the tobacco industry will be invited to put forward proposals on smoking bans by 31 May 2007. The Commission is expected to deliver its final recommendations in early 2008

This is all preliminary, but it is very good news. Extensive research has demonstrated the dangers of secondhand smoking (often called passive smoking or exposure to environmental tobacco smoke). Also increasingly apparent is the health detriment to employees of establishments where people smoke, and the improvement in health once smoking is banned.

In the United States, most smoking bans are at the city or county level, though many states have enacted some sort of regulation. No federal-level initiative yet exists. For more information, please see the Wikipedia article “List of Smoking Bans in the United States.”