Climate Change Update (2 Feb 2007)

Greg Laden has also compiled a rather diverse list of resources relating to global warming in the Arctic and the Antarctic; take a look.

In news that should be surprising to no one, the rate of melting of mountain glaciers is accelerating, according to New Scientist. Also not surprising is additional allegations about the Bush administration’s attempts to modify scientific reports. As reported in that New Scientist article as well as a CNN article, a congressional hearing is investigating the complaints.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Al Gore’s efforts to educate and motivate people, culminating in An Inconvenient Truth, will be found to have played a major role in changing public opinion. Perhaps reflecting this influence, An Inconvenient Truth has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. Its excellent song, “I Need to Wake Up” by Melissa Etheridge, has been nominated for Best Original Song. Furthermore, Mr. Gore has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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