Actor Wants to Return to School, Get Ph.D. in Physics

Now here’s something I’m glad to see, and it’s a shame it doesn’t happen more often.

From CNN “Oscar-nominated Actor’s Big Love: Physics”:

Terrence Howard is more than a leading man.

He cemented that status with an Academy Award nomination last year for his performance as a pimp-turned-rapper in Hustle & Flow. He takes the lead again in Pride, opening Friday.

But his big-screen work represents only one of his passions.…He’s a musician, currently at work on his debut album. He studies physics for fun…

He was destined to be an actor, he said. It was practically the family business. Howard’s great-grandmother, Minnie Gentry, was a stage star, and his grandmother, mother and uncle were actors, too.

But deep down, he really wanted to be a science teacher.

“My main love is still physics,” he said. “I want to go back to school and get my doctorate in it.”

When prompted, he effortlessly explains wave-particle theory and the law of entanglement.

But it might be awhile before he can return to school. Howard is booked up solid for the foreseeable future.