Actor Wants to Return to School, Get Ph.D. in Physics

Now here’s something I’m glad to see, and it’s a shame it doesn’t happen more often.

From CNN “Oscar-nominated Actor’s Big Love: Physics”:

Terrence Howard is more than a leading man.

He cemented that status with an Academy Award nomination last year for his performance as a pimp-turned-rapper in Hustle & Flow. He takes the lead again in Pride, opening Friday.

But his big-screen work represents only one of his passions.…He’s a musician, currently at work on his debut album. He studies physics for fun…

He was destined to be an actor, he said. It was practically the family business. Howard’s great-grandmother, Minnie Gentry, was a stage star, and his grandmother, mother and uncle were actors, too.

But deep down, he really wanted to be a science teacher.

“My main love is still physics,” he said. “I want to go back to school and get my doctorate in it.”

When prompted, he effortlessly explains wave-particle theory and the law of entanglement.

But it might be awhile before he can return to school. Howard is booked up solid for the foreseeable future.

7 thoughts on “Actor Wants to Return to School, Get Ph.D. in Physics

  1. Howard’s story of giving back to the community is an example to us all. I hope he manages to rearrange his life, when the time is right, so he can study physics. What a role model!

  2. I know! I wish there were more like him. We always hear about people leaving school to join the entertainment industry; it’s nice to see the converse for a change.

  3. i think Terrence howard should go back to school because he can learn more things. Terrence howard will make a good teacher. Terrence howard is very talent person. Terrence howard should take some more classes. i wish him all the best. Terrence howard is such a good actor. i think Terrence howard is a very smart person too. Terrence Howard is such a good role model for us.

  4. motivating.. im a student taking Industrial Chemistry (3rd year) and honestly, i’m tired of schooling. i just want to drop into the job market and start some earning. ive been in school for 20 years of the 23 i have lived and i am tired. i just want to do something more interesting with myself than books. but well, knowing that terrence actually didnt quit his thing, and still wants to pursue further studies is motivating. at the same time, i guess its alright to pursue other stuff besides books, while at the same time not abandoning them. i have had an interest in music all my life but never really pursued it. ive done it more as a passtime activity to fill in time. i come from a musical family and well, wouldnt i love to record or something someday. but till then, the books first.

    terrence.. keep doing what you do. it makes me keep up on doing what i do.

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