Google Installs 9,000 Solar Panels

Ars Technica reports that Google has furthered its efforts to be environmentally responsible:

Google’s commitment to “green” means that the company sources carpet and sofas made without PVC, paints without volatile organic compounds, and cafeteria food from local growers. It’s not surprising, then, that they would roll out the largest commercial solar deployment in the US—a 1.6MW installation that covers most of the buildings at Google’s campus and extends even to shaded parking spaces.

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Apparently, this could meet an impressive 30% of Google’s peak power needs. Very impressive indeed.

Speaking of Google, I came across something cool yesterday. Try this: Go to Google Maps. Ask it to calculate directions from Chicago to London (or you can use this direct link). Step 20 is my favorite.

4 thoughts on “Google Installs 9,000 Solar Panels

  1. I am very impressed! I must admit their location in sunny Mountain View, CA is a prime location for such a deployment.

    Hey~thanks, too, for telling me about Google Maps’ latest capability! I have tried transatlantic travel on Google Maps several times before, but have always drawn a blank. I am glad to see they have finally caught up with reality 😉

  2. P.S. Here’s a story in Spiegel highlighting a couple of European solar-power examples—an 11MW-capacity plant in Portugal and a 12MW-capacity plant in Germany. It would be great if CA (and all the other sunny states) would take Google’s lead, then perhaps the idea of massive solar plants will catch on quickly once people realise how effective they are at reducing carbon emissions and allowing energy-independence.

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