Time Magazine Features Global Warming

Cover of Time, from 9 April 2007
This week’s cover of Time.

This week’s issue of Time (9 April 2007) is a special issue dedicated to global warming. It takes a multifaceted look at anthropogenic climate change, with a focus on what governments, corporations, and individuals can do (and are doing) to combat this global threat.

The cover story, “What Now?,” by Jeffrey Kluger, begins as follows:

It was probably always too much to believe that human beings would be responsible stewards of the planet. We may be the smartest of all the animals, endowed with exponentially greater powers of insight and abstraction, but we’re animals all the same. That means that we can also be shortsighted and brutish, hungry for food, resources, land—and heedless of the mess we leave behind trying to get them.

And make a mess we have. If droughts and wildfires, floods and crop failures, collapsing climate-sensitive species and the images of drowning polar bears didn’t quiet most of the remaining global-warming doubters, the hurricane-driven destruction of New Orleans did. Dismissing a scientist’s temperature chart is one thing. Dismissing the death of a major American city is something else entirely. What’s more, the heat is only continuing to rise. This past year was the hottest on record in the U.S. The deceptively normal average temperature this winter masked record-breaking highs in December and record-breaking lows in February. That’s the sign not of a planet keeping an even strain but of one thrashing through the alternating chills and night sweats of a serious illness.

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I’ve also been enjoying reading their fifty-one–item “Global Warming Survival Guide,” with ideas about what we and others can do or push for in order to proceed down the path to recovery. Both of these articles, as well as others on global warming and other topics, are available at Time’s web site, free of charge and without any registration required. I’d actually encourage you, though, to purchase this issue if you can, for several reasons: One, to support Time for giving this issue the attention and treatment it deserves. Two, it’s a lot of reading material and is probably best read in print form, especially due to portability. Three, if you read it in public, it could encourage others to take interest (that’s happened to me once already, actually).


4 thoughts on “Time Magazine Features Global Warming

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  2. Hi Darmok,

    Thanks for posting about TIME’s coverage: I am glad to see that we are all sharing the same cover picture and global warming stories (unlike in TIME’s previous issue).

    Your point about buying a copy instead of reading online is excellent—especially for commuters who use public transport or leave their reading material lying around the office for others to peruse.

    I am going to buy a copy, on your recommendation, and also because I watched Happy Feet (yes, the dancing penguin) tonight with my kids—they have all seen it before, and urged me to join them this time, because it is a great story of individual talent, with a strong environmental theme. Penguins and polar bears are this generation of children’s heroes, victims, and survivors—for good reason.

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