Global Warming Forces Cartographers to Redraw Maps

Inel’s blog drew my attention to the publication of the newest edition of the prestigious Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World. We tend to think of updated atlases showing new political boundaries, or new supplementary statistics. But thanks to global climate change, coastlines are changing and ice caps melting. The Times Atlas‘s cartographers had to make far more changes than usual for this last edition, and future editions will clearly have even more changes with which to contend.

The importance of this extends beyond work for cartographers and lines on a map. People live in those areas. They obtain fresh water from those areas. Those areas power their weather. And as Americans are belatedly catching on, that which occurs in one country doesn’t stay confined to that country. The effects ripple out across the globe.

For more information about this, please see Inel’s blog or a New Scientist article.