How News-Savvy Are You?

This Time — This Space (or is it “Changetimeandspace”?) mentions a “News IQ” quiz at the Pew Research Center. After taking this twelve-question quiz, you’ll see the correct answers, as well as how you compare to various demographic groups. For a democracy to work, citizens need to be informed—and then push for change. How informed are you?

2 thoughts on “How News-Savvy Are You?

  1. I got one wrong, but don’t know which. I was positive about 8 or 9, and pretty certain about the others.

    I’d guess that to be interested in your blog, a person would have to be pretty good at this sort of stuff.

  2. That’s true—in some ways, the audience is selected. That being said, I tend to concentrate on science news with some environmental issues, so I don’t talk about general politics that much. But you’re right; readers here are probably interested in the what’s going on in the world in general.

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