Disturbing Amount of Arctic Ice Melted This Year

The Arctic ice cap melted by an unprecedented amount this year. Especially prominent in media stories was the opening up of the fabled “Northwest Passage”. While there have been many articles covering this (the attention is good!), La Marguerite drew my attention to a very nice piece in the New York Times, entitled “Arctic Melt Unnerves the Experts”. I especially liked their interactive graphic illustrating the extent of sea-ice loss.

This does not bode well for the upcoming years.


3 thoughts on “Disturbing Amount of Arctic Ice Melted This Year

  1. How easily they forget that once North America was covered in ice clear down to the great lakes and lower. Remember, those lakes were carved out by glaciers. It all melted before any humans could possibly have influenced the climate.

    We have good evidence that food crops were once grown in Greenland — something not now possible. Why did it get colder?

    I find it hard to get excited over the fact that things on Earth change.

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