re: your brains (by Jonathan Coulton)

I was introduced to this song when my friend zld included it on a CD he gave me. And last week my good buddy Alithair found this video which was made for the song.

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton (wp) is the genius behind this one; he wrote the song as part of his ambitious “Thing a Week” project. Mr. Coulton makes his songs available under a Creative Commons license enabling others to make legal derivations of his work. The video shown here was made by Mike “Spiff” Booth using images from World of Warcraft.

Mr. Coulton says, “I write about a lot of geeky stuff because I am a geek”—this is one of the reason his music appeals to me. But this song is just ridiculous.

[Update: clarified wording]

3 thoughts on “re: your brains (by Jonathan Coulton)

  1. Ah, yes, while they are talented, I don’t actually know Mr. Coulton (song) or Mr. Booth (video). My friends just are the ones who introduced the song to me. My wording was quite unclear and I’ve reworded it to make more sense.

  2. Brilliant! Cheered me up after watching half of Lovelock’s talk at the Royal Society, and now I am being summoned to watch World of Monsters with my sons … Needless to say, I will show them this video tomorrow. Quite apt for Halloween 😉

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