Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day flag
Commonly used Earth Day flag. Source: Wikipedia.

April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day in the United States. (In the rest of the world, the March equinox is chosen.) Please use this day to reflect on our planet, our relationship with it, and how our species can exist in harmony with other lifeforms. Help to ensure our children and their children will be able to enjoy our home.

Make every day Earth Day.


8 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. with no small amount of shame, I am celebrating by burning today a far larger chunk of fossil fuel than average…. Just about undoes the good I do by walking to work every day.

  2. You’re right; I’ve been busy and haven’t been blogging. A couple cool blog topics have been floating around my head, so I’ll try to get to those when I have a chance!

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