Earth Hour is Today! Google Gets Involved, Too

Dark version of Google's home page for Earth Hour
Google changes its background color to black in observation of Earth Hour 2008.

Today is Earth Hour! If that time hasn’t already passed for you, please remember to turn off your lights from 8–9 p.m. today. And even if it has passed, please remember that, ideally, this should be part of an overall energy-conserving lifestyle. Plan for regular periods of very low energy use, and learn how much you can do even with turning some things off.

And in case you missed it, Google has redesigned their home page for today. They’ve changed their color scheme to use a dark background. In my memory, this is unprecedented. I have never seen them take up an initiative like this, and while I have seen them change their logo on numerous occasions, I do not recall them ever changing their whole color scheme like this. I am really impressed that they did this—they have the potential to reach so many people and what a great way to really call attention to Earth Hour. Of course, they have a long history of supporting environmental projects. They include a prominent link explaining their support of Earth Hour so anyone will be able to read about why they’re doing this.

Google to Invest Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Alternative Energy

From Reuters:

Google Inc is prepared to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in big commercial alternative-energy projects that traditionally have had trouble getting financing, the executive in charge of its green-energy push said on Wednesday.

The Internet search giant, which has said it will invest in researching green technologies and renewable-energy companies, is eager to help promising technologies amass scale to help drive the cost of alternative energy below the cost of coal.


It’s nice to see private groups getting involved like this.